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More Poems by Lyric ....


What does God look like?
He is the color of snow,
white, pristine,
robed in purity....

He is the color of night,
dark, silent,
awesome in His power....

He is the color of earth,
blue waters, amber fields,
the green of all that takes root..

What does God sound like?
He is the heart in laughter,
innocent, mirthful,
the sound of joy in voice...

He is the soul of weeping,
mournful, sympathetic,
the sound of tears cleansing...

He is the silence of prayer,
heartfelt, truth,
the sound of confessions come to light...

What does God feel like?
He is the breath of wind,
sharing secrets with the leaves....

He is the touch of love,
the union of man and woman,
birth, death,
and rebirth....

He is the warmth of summer,
the genesis of spring,
the abundance of autumn, 
the still beauty of winter...
He is all that is...


Many years have come
and gone.
The trials have not been few.
Nor have I taken these hard times
graciously or given thanks
for the blessings I did recieve.
My life was very much like a thirsty rose,
wilting in the heat...
blossoms falling to the ground.
I pray
that instead of brown and withered petals
these trials with create
a fragrant pot-pourri..

I lifted my hands towards the heavens       
and whispered your name to the wind.
It clutched the gift as it relished the very sound...
whipping past me, tousling my hair
as it turned and tumbled down the street..
teasing the scattering leaves,
it's plaintive cry winding around corners...
echoes of my relentless longing.
As the playful zephyr composed it's joyous melody,
I reached out and captured your name once again,
then joined in the blustery dance......


Were you real?      
Or just a dandelion wish that never touched the ground?               
A wish summoned by a gentle breeze,                
cradled upon invisible wings,               
and carried close enough to heaven's portal              
that the kiss of an angel             
sent you spiralling downward to my earthy recline                
where you landed in my outstretched hands...
Were you real?


My heart pounds so...
my ears, full of unwanted whispers
and mummurings of woe....
Did I hear a child cry out?
uninvited footsteps?
Even when the moon-man nods off
and the multitude of heavenly bodies
turn off  their night-lights,
I lie awake....
and worry and fret of things...and days
that have not yet dawned.
My hands tremble as I lace my fingers together,
and bow my head....
Are you there, Lord?
It's me...again.


Child of mine, that love  has made
see her in her cradle laid
sucking softly at her fist
memories of sweet milk missed....

Lashes long and kissed with dreams
freshly bathed and softly pink
rosebud lips that softly sigh
while mama sings her lullabye...

Into my heart the seed was sown
and someday soon, my love, my own
the day will come, when you shall see
behold your blessed destiny.....


How am I?
if I told you I was fine
would you look beyond the smile
to the eyes that have yet to sleep?
Would you hear the lie
and the silent cry
that catches and threatens
to betray my steady voice.
Would you sense that my heart
has been broken
and this calm exterior 
masks a body that is prepared to flee?
How am I?
Fine,just fine...thanks for asking.


I hesitated...
just a short pause, midway through my life.
I looked back through that window of the time we call memory
How I often played
when I should have listened...
How often I have retreated
when I should have pressed on.
I hesitited...
I want to say
that my life is to be envied,
that my friendships are durable,
that my love is unconditional...
Today, being the day it is,
cannot lie
cannot decieve
cannot convince anyone
that my life is anything more than what it is...
Can I have a second chance?

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