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Writings By My Friend Lyric...


 A young woman
with an old soul
looks into the mirror.
she sees not the glow 
of her youth...
she sees not the rose
of her yesterdays...
she sees the anger of time, 
the lines of despair,
the promise of rain.
the mirror lies sometimes.
and the soul willfully
sees what the heart bears
witness of.
and so she weeps without tears...
longing for her roses.   

    Autumn Sun

Autumn sun,
melting radiant warmth across 
the apple of my cheeks.
Fragmented air splinters into
shimmering diamonds, descending
through wind tossed leaves.
The glitter, dusting my sleepy lashes.
Squinting against the bright,
ahhhhhh....sunset reds
nutmeg browns
determined greens
and plum.
Contoured and molded against the tree,
I lay, content and drowsy at it's roots,
welcoming the scent 
of crisp leaves,
and autumn sun.

 Moonbeam Playground

Tonight, when the stars bow before my fancy,                 
I shall dream the dreams I've yet to live.
I will dance with the moon 
and sashay amongst the comet tails.
I will reach out and pluck a falling star 
and together we shall orbit the sun.
The planets be my playground, 
the universe my home.
no fallen angel, no explorer of the unknown...
just a child of imagination who dares to ride a

     Letting Go

I'm tired of being strong
I didn't ask to be in charge and I want to retire
I'm more than happy to give up this assignment Lord,
so if you could just see Your way to allowing life
to let up on me a bit, I'd be most appreciative....
What ? What's that Lord ? 
You didn't put me in charge ?
Well, who the hell did then ?
Pardon my language, Lord...but
you see, if I don't do won't get done.
If I walk away from the task, 
no one else will claim it.
Tomorrow hasn't even arrived yet and already
there's this list of.....what ? What's that you say, Lord ?
I KNOW there are roses to smell and babies to be loved,
I KNOW there are worlds to explore and sunsets to enjoy...
but Lord ?
When do I fit all those things into this busy schedule ?
My roses need pruning and the babies need feeding
and as far as the world is concerned, it would continue
revolving whether I enjoyed another sunset or not.
But that does sound rather nice....
Would that be okay , just for today, Lord ?
I suppose a little happiness won't hurt me...
maybe just one little walk in the park or
a drive through the countryside...
But Lord ! What if I get to liking all that and .....what ?
You say it's okay to be happy ?
I can put all my worries into Your hands and You'll take care of it ?
I don' t see, I've always been the one in 
I guess if there's anyOne I can trust it would be You, Lord...
Where am I going ??
For a stroll in the garden...want to come along ?
I'm thinking we need to talk more often.......


Whisper your secrets as you dance
amidst the golden crowns of dandelions and wild violets,
as you scamper through a wooded fairyland,
playing hide and seek with friendly pixies....

Sing your own song as you swing
above the branches of a fiery, red maple tree,
back arching, toes stretching to touch a cloud, 
the wind be your playmate today....

Explore your world 
among the grasshoppers and shiny, green beetles,
giggling, as the spotted ladybug tickles
the fine hairs upon your arm...

Grow child, go child
into your sticky fingered, scabbed knee world.
Go child, grow child
into the gift you were born to be...
hold tight,
reach high,
climb aboard and fly!


The thought conceived
I reach up and try to grasp the cryptic butterfly,
but it won't be caught so easily.
Flitting about inside my thoughts,
teasing me with colorful words
and inspiring images,
the words come slowly, taunting...
the ache to capture the beauty haunts me, 
ink runs through my veins
and my soul bleeds upon the parchment.
Crumpled thoughts litter the floor around me,
draft upon draft marred with the stamp of discontent,
scribbling,scratching, grasping
pulling words from the air
until, satisfied,
I look down upon the infant verses,
like a mother who has labored long and 
given birth to a new creation....


"my name is edward," he said.
"it's a pretty day out, isn't it?
i have no friends, no girlfriend."
he frightened me and I avoided his eyes.
"have you read the new book about weather?
i like coffee, do you?" his questions shot out of him like a 
lawn sprinkler...oscilating one direction and then another.
i shaved my head today", the bleeding scrapes upon his newly bald 
head gave witness to his testimony.
"told my barber I would pay him eight bucks, but he said no.
i hate hair," he said accusingly,
wondering perhaps, that if a dinosaur dined upon my person,
that the long, thick mane might choke the beast.
he walked away as spontaneously as he arrived.
i avoided edward.
and he left.
i began to many edwards walk through life,
desperately seeking and never finding ?


This day
as the sun kisses the hillcrests 
and the wind gently rouses the slumbering leaves,
as my eyes wrestle to waken from invisible dreams...
this day,
I will breathe deeply
and grow stronger
on the unspoken promises the day holds out to me
This day,
I will reach out and take all that belongs to me,
nothing more.
I will accept all the offerrings of laughter, 
and love,
and I will dance beneath the crimson of a setting sun,
and I will smile. 


In my search to fill the emptiness 
within the sanctuary of my heart,
I came upon you,
by chance,
in my journey.
The bruise upon my soul
was in dire need of your healing kisses.
Sweet, intoxicating kisses
that awakened a passion that had,
I believed,
Slumbering in my soul was a quiet spirit,
afraid to venture a hopeful prayer of release,
and now released 
dances with uninhibited joy.
Drunk from the sweetness,
she turns a jubilant pirouhette...


and extension of life.
A branch-nay, a seed
a fantasticc cosmic blooming
within a mother's womb 
growing, pushing, coming forth
into the world
tumbling into the weeds to catch a grassshopper
tracing cloud patterns from a grassy recline
overturning rocks...and hearts
just try and catch this shooting star !
and tears
letting go
first kisses and broken hearts
the hope for a weary world...
dreamers for the future...


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