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As you can probably tell, my passion is skating! I love to watch it all the time! My nickname in chat is iceskates....although I cannot skate at all! Hee hee! I have friends who are involved in the sport..I go and chat about it on TV anything I can to be involved in skating. I live in Washington state..sadly there is very little skating in this must find my hobby else where. I have been going to IRC chat most evenings to see what is going on in the world of skating..we have set up several rooms there to allow skating chat!!! Very fun!

Here are a few of my favorite links!

Scott Hamilton Fan Page!: Another excellent page for Scott!
Paul Wylie Fan Page!: Very nicely done page about Paul Wylie!
Kristi Yamaguchi's Home Page!: Great !
Stars On Ice Homepage!: Just about all of my favorite skaters are on this page!
Lovena's Ice Skating Page!!!: Once again..a terrific page! Also has a fast moving bb for chat!!!
Skateweb: The Figure Skating Page!: lots of skating info here...
The Gordeeva and GrinKov Corner: Any fans of This wonderful pair ...this is the place for you..also has a fast moving bb for chat!
Ice Skating Locations All Over the Web: Can't find something??? Try here...listings of many iceskating pages from all over.
Scott Hamilton Web Page: This is one of the finest Scott Hamilton pages on the web!
IT TAKES TWO :Pairs Skating Page!: This belongs to Jamie..a pairs skater..take a him..tell him what you think!
Ice Skating Clipart Galore: WOW! This is a must for all skating homepages! It has soooo many cool images on it..try it out and see!
The Kurt Klub!: Wonderful homepage dedicated to Kurt Browning!
The Kurt Browning Pages!: Another Wonderful Kurt Page!

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